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One year ago, the breast cancer community changed for the better with the help of two breast cancer survivors, Efrat Roman and Tovi Riegler who made their vision of creating a space for breast cancer survivors and those who are still enduring it that is a go-to resource to not only find safe products at every breast cancer stage, but to find testimonials, first-hand recommendations and support from other survivors, a reality. And that is where was born. The site’s mission is to help women see their beauty identity that may have been lost because of treatment as well as provide women with a support system of those who know first-hand the struggles and emotions of a breast cancer journey. For the past year, has helped thousands of women uncover their confidence and has helped them feel beautiful again while providing safe beauty, fashion and skin care products. Basically, Roman and Riegler have transformed the way women with breast cancer shop forever.

MUST READ: #WhyIWalk: A Few Steps For Breast Cancer Brings Us Closer To A Cure is the first-ever personalized lifestyle solutions online shop for women facing breast cancer created by breast cancer survivors. And get this–they are celebrating their first anniversary! CureDiva has gained national attention and celebrity support from breast cancer survivors Giuliana Rancic and Lorna Luft and a portion of proceeds go to

With October being breast cancer awareness month, we just had to connect with Roman and Riegler to learn all about their beautiful contribution to a hideous disease.

HelloBeautiful: Why did you create

Tovi Riegler: The idea behind was born while Efrat was going through treatments, and had to find ways to cope with her hair loss. Unfortunately, at the same time, like so many others, she was still dealing with limitation of movement, bandages and compression due to the surgery she had not long before. Her needs were new and immediate, and the solutions were unknown or found. She was searching all over the internet for solutions and she couldn’t seem to find any. It seemed like something had to be changed.

HB: What do you want this site to be?

Efrat Roman: CureDiva’s goal is to become the one-stop-shop and community for all women coping with breast cancer. We wish for CureDiva to become the site women will go to when they are diagnosed where they can get answers to questions, find products for their ever-changing needs and have access to the best community knowledge resource. We wish to become international and reach every woman out there who is facing a breast cancer diagnosis. We hope CureDiva improves the way women deal with breast cancer.

HB: What makes you stand out?

TR: Our site is one of a kind. We are a site that has both safe products for breast cancer fighters and a full interactive community where past fighters and survivors can five advice to those currently fighting breast cancer. CureDiva also has a personalized shopping experience for those battling breast cancer by allowing each woman to shop based on her specific needs. On, women can find top products broken down by diagnosis stage. No matter what stage a woman is at, she can go on and easily find the best products she needs at that time.

HB: What are the building blocks to a woman’s confidence, especially those dealing with breast cancer?

TR & ER: The building blocks to a woman’s confidence is a strong support system. Whether that may be family, friends or complete strangers, if a woman has a great support system and people who believe in her, she will be able to believe in herself.

One of the best support systems a woman diagnosed with breast cancer can get is from someone who’s had breast cancer herself, so CureDiva has created Guardian Divas program. A Guardian Diva is someone who can understand and share firsthand experience about breast cancer diagnosis, someone who remembers what it was like to be at the same stage and acts as a friend to ask and consult with about what is relevant to your life, your Guardian Diva. Guardian Divas help one another uncover the confidence that may have been lost after a diagnosis.

HB: Why is your site important for women?

TR & ER: One of the most important things that happens when becoming a breast cancer patient is that women are forced to cope not only with a life threat and the many physical and emotional issues, but also with a major crisis with their femininity, body image and self-esteem. We wanted to create for women with breast cancer the most coveted arena, their favorite mall, where they can have a chat with a friend, get good advice and some products thereby fulfilling their needs at the moment. It was clear to us that these women deserve the most beautiful, fashionable site, which will give them the same shopping experience they are used to, and the firmness and confidence that they are still as much women as they were before: beautiful, independent and desirable.

Do yourself a favor and check out!


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