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This Breast Cancer Awareness Month, The Susan G. Komen Foundation has enlisted the help of a doo-wop group to remind you to get tested for breast cancer.

Susan G. Komen Los Angeles County’s approach may not be as in-your face as the Nestle’s hidden camera bra stunt, but it’s still bound to leave an impression. The organization teamed up with Deutsch LA for the first-ever Singing Mammogram.

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This doesn’t involve a doctor belting out a tune while you go in for a mammogram (although we’re sure some patients may find that extremely entertaining). No! This is simply a melodic reminder for you to get a breast exam and stay on top of your status!

The Singing Mammogram is kind of a catchy tune that might get stuck in your head, but Komen is really hoping you send the video above viral to help spread the word!


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