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CLOSE’s “Base Level” column features the hottest new artists we’re buzzing about. Before they make it to the summit of superstardom, we spot them at base level–the beginning of their hopeful journey to the top.

H-Town baby!

Houston-native Chay$e, is the next artist we’re keeping our eyes on and for very good reason. The sultry songstress shows us her trill side on her full mixtape, “Purple Love,” which is a play on, yes you guessed it, sizzurp. The mixtape mixes EDM, pop and R&B, and is her first solo project since she appeared a Jadakiss featured track in 2011.

Get the scoop on Chay$e below:

Name: Chay$e

Age: 24

Hometown: Houston, TX

Musical influences: Pink, TLC, Prince, Beyonce , and Michael Jackson. I could go on for days.

How Do You Describe Your Sound?: I describe my sound as a mix between a couple different genres. It’s a fuse between Pop, Hip-Hop and R&B. It’s hard, but melodic with a little bit of color.

Biggest Break Thus Far?: My biggest break is coming from all the love I’ve been receiving  from various blogs and media outlets. It’s all been progressive in getting the word out about me, and my project.

If You Were The Love Child OF Any Artists Dead Or Alive, Who Would They Be?: I would definitely be the love child of Drake and Kelis.

Dream Collaborations?: My dream collaborators would be Frank Ocean and Drake.

Celeb advice you’ll never forget…: In an interview once, I heard Jay Z say, “If you’re not trying to be the best then what are you doing?”

Listen to Chay$e’s single “Burnin’ Up,” below:


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