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Comedian and YouTube vlogger Megan MacKay just released a video on how to achieve a “Ray Rice-inspired makeup look.” Before you roll your eyes in disgust, Megan made the video as a Public Service Announcement to shed light on the prevalence of domestic violence.

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Since the infamous video of Ray Rice beating his wife Janay Palmer was released, NFL commissioner Roger Goodell has been trying to show the public that the league cares about women, creating new domestic violence and sexual assault policies in light of the controversy. The policy was even created by women, however some people aren’t convinced that the NFL means buisness. Twitter protested the league with a photoshopped CoverGirl ad and a #GoodellMustGo hashtag, and, now, Megan is adding her voice to the conversation.

In the video, Megan talks about the products she uses: “The NFL” foundation that covers up “everything just to save face,” an “intersectional feminism” primer, an eyeshadow in the #27 — Ray Rice’s former Baltimore Ravens jersey number — and another one in the #25, which references the number of years in Maryland that a person can serve in prison for federal assault, a crime Rice won’t face anytime soon. She finishes her look with an eyeliner in the color, “Women Are Objects,” a mascara called “Mismanaged Rage” and a bronzer in the color, “Orange You Sad The American News Source Most Dedicated To Truthful Journalism Turned Out To Be TMZ.”

We’re totally here for this witty and thoughtful response to the controversy. Megan better preach about that “intersectional feminism!” Not many people want to admit that domestic violence crosses all racial, social and socioeconomic lines. We’re still waiting to see how the NFL’s new domestic violence policy plays out since Goodell failed to hire Black women with any experience with domestic violence victims.

What do you think of the video beauties?


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