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Last night after recuperating from the “Love & Hip Hop Atlanta” reunion special (sh*t got real) I decided to retire from reality TV, only to scroll down my Instagram and be reminded by Kim Kardashian herself, that the final episode of “Keeping Up With The Kardashians” was coming on in less than 15-minutes. O-M-freaking G, Joseline Hernandez totally had me tripping. I had forgotten all about Kimye’s wedding and Kanye’s highly anticipated appearance on the popular reality show.

Somewhere between North West’s birth and now, I’ve grown an affinity for Kim K–OK, let me rephrase that, I’ve grown an affinity for watching Kim K. I could care less about her speech but she’s certainly amazing to look at it. And, looking at her gorgeous sisters are bonuses. As promised, Kanye appeared on-camera during the wedding rehearsal, showing off his meticulously attention to those minor details that grooms typically notice, like hem lines and loose stitching (It’s Kanye, what did you expect?).

If you’re like me, you were waiting to see how Ye’ behaves when he isn’t under pressure from the media or otherwise. Because he seems so intense, I was especially paying attention to how he interacted with Kim. To my surprise, they’re actually pretty normal (it you don’t count the millions of dollars, massive amount of popularity and narcissism  between them). Oddly, they work together and the family agrees that he brings out the best in her and vice versa. Guess that means Kris Humphries wasn’t her soulmate afterall.

After watching the final episode and swooning over Kim and her bridesmaid’s dresses, there’s some questions and observations I have…

4. Why Are They So Mean To Their Mom Kris?

Khloe Kardashian told her mother to “Shut the f*ck up” and then I blinked to see if it was all just a really bad dream. I don’t know about you, but if I had the audacity to tell my mom to “Shut the f*ck up” at any audible level, I’d not only be out of any wedding festivities that were going on, I’d also be unconscious. And you better believe that my sisters would have pounced on me before my mother even had to open her lips to reply.

In the Kardashian clan, their disrespectful behavior is normal. In the episodes leading up to the finale, Kris literally begged Kim to allow her to throw her a bridal party–an activity that most mother’s covet. Kim was so worried about doing everything Kanye’s way, that she didn’t realize she was alienating her mother, who simply wanted to do something nice for her. Kim eventually gave in and threw her mom a bone, but geez…way harsh.

3. Rob Kardashian Really Missed The Wedding?

We saw on TMZ, when the story first broke, that Rob Kardashian caught a last-minute flight out of France and back to LA after reading some negative comments about his weight online. In case you missed it, Rob put on a few pounds and instead of getting lipo like his sisters would, he’s just refusing to show face. We didn’t actually think the tidbit was true, but clearly TMZ nailed it again.

I find it really odd that Rob or any brother would miss their sister’s wedding unless they absolutely didn’t take it serious. Given the fact that Kim’s had three now–we understand his hesitation, but to miss the entire ceremony is selfish. E! was doing a fine job cutting him out of all the scenes and managed to not even show any of Kimye’s guest. Rob should have brought his a** to the wedding.

2. Scott Disick Is Too Comfortable For My Liking

I don’t care how long Kourtney and Scott Disick have been together or how many children they have, my significant other should adhere to certain boundaries with all of the females in my family. And the women in my family should know better than to be in any inappropriate position with any him or any man. In one scene, Scott laid on the couch while Kendall sat with her legs over him. They weren’t touching, but it was too close for comfort. And if you think we’re overreacting, this isn’t his first time he and one of his sister-in-law’s behaved inappropriately. Scott and Khloe once took a bath together (all for sh*ts and giggles–still weird nonetheless).

What would you do if you saw your man and sister seated like this?

1. Kanye West’s “Awesome” Song Isn’t Awesome

Kanye West isn’t shy about his admiration for his wife. Every chance he gets, he’s complimenting, praising or bragging about her name, body and how much she turns him on (love right?). It was only a matter of time before he pulled an “808 & Heartbreak” and went straight auto-tune on a love song dedicated to  the gorgeous sister. “Awesome” is that rap ballad.

The story behind Kanye’s awesomely bad song “Awesome” goes something like this: Ye’ invited Kim to the studio where he surprised her with a song dedicated to her and only her, but the lyrics are really what sets “Awesome” apart.

“Baby you’re awesome/Don’t let nobody bring you down/You’re so awesome/I gotta move/ I gotta dance/ I gotta live/ I gotta love” and continues into the land of absurdity with the lines, “You’re so out the park/ You’re so after dark/ You’re so sleepless nights.”

Sorry Ye’, but we expect better quality music from the man who made “College Dropout” and produced hits that are considered classics.

During his short cameo, he wore a boyish grin on his face that reiterated to me that he’s just so appreciative to be in Kim’s presence. It’s almost adorable but borderline indicative of a shallow society when a man as talent as Ye’ praises his less-talented wife as an equal God such as himself. I digress.

During the episode, he went above and beyond his duties as a fiance to make Kim and the Kardashian family’s time in France and Italy a memory they’ll cherish forever (or until the next baller comes around and splurges).

Despite my unanswered questions and lingering observations, “Keeping Up With The Kardashians” was entertaining an I can’t wait for the forthcoming season of “Kourtney & Khloe Take The Hamptons.”

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