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Are you ready for a new dating app? No? Well there’s a new one on the market, anyway, but this one’s kind of interesting!

If eHarmony and Tinder had a bind-date baby, it would be Willow. The app pretty much forces users to get to know their potential matches and connect on a personal level before they ever get to lay eyes on each other.

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The idea came from exhausted daters simply being tired of apps and websites distracting users with pictures of people they might like. It was all a bit too up-front and superficial for them.

“We were tired of new apps claiming to connect people in meaningful ways, only to find yet another bland, repackaged version of ‘Hot or Not’ hitting the market,” app founder Michael Bruch said in a statement on Willow’s Website. “We wanted a positive way to get people engaged, talking, and getting to know one another.”

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Since you can’t pinpoint a potential match by face, Willow matches users up by having them swipe through questions others have asked on the app. Tinder users should be familiar with this concept. When you want to engage, send your answer to a given question in a reply. The conversation, ideally, will flow from there. Once you figure out if you click, you get to see your potential boo’s profile.

The mystery match concept is a little scary, but it might be fun to talk to potential match before finding out what they look like. It might even get some dating to open up their parameters of their dating criteria. Hey, it worked for “The Dating Game” and even MTV’s “Singled Out” to a certain extent. Willow might be onto something here!


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