Mimi Faust Admits Her Sex Tape Was Staged (Are You Surprised?)

Well folks, it looks like everyone’s assumptions about the Mimi Faust sex tape are true! The “Love & Hip Hop Atlanta” star admits on the upcoming episode of “LHHATL” that a portion of her sex tape was staged. What gave it away? The cameraman in the bathroom mirror’s reflection?

Mimi sat down with her friends Erica Dixon and Ariane, and revealed that adult entertainment company VIVID (who released the home video) needed more footage to add to their raunchy encounter so they produced more scenes with high-quality equipment. Hence, how the infamous shower scene was created.

“The initial tape was homemade,” Mimi said. “The company said, ‘We don’t have enough footage because it has to be a certain amount of footage to sell.’”

Mimi claims that the sex tape was leaked after their bags were stolen. Are you buying this new version of the story?

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