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It would be any comedians honor to play the late, great Richard Pryor on film and it looks like that honor has been bestowed upon Nick Cannon!

In case you haven’t heard, it is rumored that the “Wild N’ Out host has been cast to portray Pryor in the Lee Daniels-directed biopic about his life. During an interview on TMZ Live, Cannon revealed that he was in talks with Daniels, but the film was not yet in production. Cannon did not he confirm whether or not he snagged the role. However, when we caught up with Cannon on the red carpet of the 2014 BET Awards, he told us that he was indeed preparing for his next film that is coincidentally a biopic.

Cannon said he was rocking an afro because he is in “transition” for what he calls “a dream role that I’ve been wanting to do for a long time so we’re getting the opportunity to go forth.” “I’m trying not to talk to much about it,” he added. “It’s the film after next that I am getting ready to do.”

Cannon fueled rumors when he posted photos of himself and Pryor on his Instagram with the caption, “Now y’all get it!” Fans instantly noticed that the two comics bear a striking resemblance, which may be one of the reasons, among others, that Cannon may have been chosen.

Pryor’s children have begun to speak out against the choice, saying they think Marlon Wayans is more suitable to play their father. With the plethora of biopics in the works, we asked Nick who could play him if there were ever a biopic to be made about his life. He responded, “my son.”

In other Nick Cannon news, he made his directorial debuted today with the film “School Dance.”

So, what say you readers? Do you think Nick Cannon can play a convincing Richard Pryor?


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