Lolita Price

Another Aaliyah doppelgänger, Lolita Price (an upcoming actress) expressed interest in the role. Lolita bares a striking resemblance to the late star and often flexes her Aaliyah faces on Instagram. However, when we perused her Youtube page, we found more product review videos than any that showed her talent. While she may look like Aaliyah, we haven’t found out if she can sing like her…

She posted this message after it was announced that Zendaya snagged the role, “Seeking validation through things that we have no control over leads to a place of dwelling in complete chaos. I have no control over the things that I put my energy toward, meaning their outcome, but I can control whether or not I will smile or cry, laugh or pout, enjoy my moment or curse it. I choose to be happy for the things I have not yet discovered in my craft or about myself. The world does not hold your hand through the journey of self discovery and through my journey up until this point I have made significant strides as a human being. Today has just proven that to me. I am not sad, I am not angry. I am happy for the next thing I get to exert my energy towards. That is what life is about. You get up, dust yourself off, and try again ;-)”

Check her out in action:

Should Teyana or one of the other ladies have gotten the role? Or  do you think Zendaya’s the right fit? Sound off in the comment section!

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