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Along with jugging motherhood and a full-time career, Sherri Shepherd is in the midst of two custody battles and a divorce. But, she says her spirit will not be broken.

During a recent interview with People magazine, “The View” co-host said she is holding up just fine. “I’m a Chicago girl – I’m a fighter; I’m a survivor,” she declared. “And all the stuff in the media? You hope that your character and integrity will scream louder than what you can say. So I stand behind my character and integrity. You can’t hold me down – I’m a wonderful mama.”

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She went on to detail the double standard society has against working mothers. “Do I think there’s a double standard? I don’t know – yes, I do. With working moms, you’ve got to deal with the guilt of having to raise a child and having to explain to your child that Mommy has to work to pay the bills, and you hope that one day when your child gets of the age, they will look up and say, ‘My mom did the best job she could do for me,’ ” Shepherd said.

As far as her divorce from estranged husband Lamar “Sal” Sally, the TV personality said “there’s always someone worse off than you.” “I say you can’t beat yourself up,” she told Us Weekly, “when you know you’ve made the wrong choice in a guy…” She explained, “You look, you do some introspective work, and you try not to make the same mistake.”

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“You have to really sit down and be thankful for the things that you have,” she added. “If you do, get back up, dust your feet off, and start walking and moving forward.”

Shepherd went on to say that her friends have been a great support during this difficult time. “I have really amazing friends,” she shared. “Have really good friends around you, so you have a soft landing place,” she advised to other people coping with a split. “I have a lot of really wonderful friends [who] say ‘erase that!'”


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