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If you were to search Regina Hall‘s Prada bag, you’d probably find an array of things, from lip gloss to condoms, to a bottle of Elizabeth Taylor’s signature scent with a twist and that’s because she is the ambassador for the fragrance White Diamonds Lustre.

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Yup, that elegant bottle with the stones on your mother’s vanity got a makeover and modernized. Since we all love to smell good and White Diamonds is classic (like, duh!) we caught up with the “Think Like A Man Too” actress to find out about the new endeavor and how to choose the right scent for you this summer.

HelloBeautiful: What tips do you have for women on choosing the perfect perfume for your body?

Regina Hall: There’s all types. Some people love florals, some people love citrus, some people love more of a musk. I love a combination. I love something that’s subtle. Everyone’s body chemistry is also unique to me, so I’ve actually smelled something on someone and not necessarily loved it on myself. But, I feel like a woman’s scent should speak to who she is. You have to smell something and see if it resonates what you give across naturally. I like really subtle, feminine, not overtly sexual, maybe subtly sensual. I like to choose a scent that resonates with who I am or with how I’d like to be perceived. I think you should love your scent, but if you don’t and you’re walking around not feeling comfortable, it kind of has to fit and speak to who you are.

HB: Do you have different perfumes for different occasions?

RH: I am not someone who buys a millions scents. Whichever one I’m doing, I wear it a lot. God forbid I get a compliment, I have to rock it for ages. It’s hard to find the right combination, when you like a combination of floral scents, it’s hard to find a combination. I don’t really do a lot at a time.

HB: Why is White Diamonds one of your favorite fragrances?

RH: I’m one of those people where I have to like the product. It’s hard to talk about it if I don’t like it. I feel like it’s a lot softer and it smells subtle. I don’t like my fragrance to be in a room 10-minutes after I’ve left. I felt like it was subtle and really beautiful. I had just read Elizabeth Taylor’s autobiography and so it was meant to be.

Purchase White Diamonds Lustre at Macys.


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