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Teresa Caputo, known as “Long Island Medium” is currently engulfed in controversy after Ron Tebo, a private investigator, made claims that she is a fraud. According to Tebo, Teresa uses techniques like: cold reading eavesdropping and background checks on clients. Tebo allegedly interviewed some of Caputo’s clients and associates over the last year and concluded that she is a fake. This is a common accusation hurled at paranormal TV personalities including Miss Cleo, Dionne Warwick’s “Psychic Friends” and John Edwards from the show “Crossing Over” just to name a few. But I personally spoke to one of Caputo’s clients who says her experience with the psychic was far from a fake.

It was a Saturday afternoon when my friend introduced me to the TLC show “Long Island Medium.” “You don’t watch this show?,” she asked as if I was the only person in the world who hadn’t tuned in to catch the Italian psychic, Teresa Caputo, channel spirits of loved ones who are seeking closure and suffering through emotional turmoil. “She’s really good,” she added. I spent my entire weekend binge-watching the emotional show and after doing some research on how I could secure a reading myself, I found out I actually knew someone who had personally encountered Teresa.

Celina, a high school friend of mine, lost her boyfriend “Cookie” in a tragic murder that left her scarred on the inside. She was depressed and wanted out of her physical body. Like many of Teresa’s other clients, she just needed a way to cope and found out about Teresa through a family member who also had a reading.

Today I called Celina and asked her to open up about her experience with Caputo.  She was more than willing to share her story. “My family member told me about her and of course I was skeptical, but I said what the hell? Before she got the show ‘Long Island Medium,’ she would hold dinner parties at this local restaurant in Long Island that held anywhere to 15 -30 people. It was only $20 bucks to attend, meal & reading included,” Celina explained. “This was my first interaction with her,” she added. “At the group reading she came over to me and said I have a young male energy coming through for you that recently passed. As she kept getting pulled all over the room by other lost loved ones, she would keep coming back to my table. This compelled me enough to book her for a private session. Back then the waiting list was one year.”

“I personally don’t believe she’s a fraud, I went to her prior to her even having a show,” Celina revealed. “They asked me nothing about who I wanted to be contacted by, nothing about Cook, nothing personal about me other than my email and a date to shoot.”

Celina described Teresa’s personality as “bubbly and loud. “We got into the hour session and she was hitting on things she had no way of knowing and they weren’t like cold reading tactics. There were things she predicted that I couldn’t match to my situation right away, but months went by and I’d be like holy sh*t that’s what she meant. She predicted my son, she knew that I had a fear of not being able to conceive because of fertility issues, she calmly said to me, ‘are you afraid you can’t have children?’ My eyes got wide because that was not a topic I discussed with anyone other than my doctor and mother.”

She went on, “She told me, ‘You can and will have a baby within the next 1-2 years.’ She told me I would be getting married, which, in my head I was like ‘yeah right’, but now I’m planning a wedding. She hit home on a lot of things with Cook, from his birthday, to his death date, to my tattoo and the nickname he had for me, the carving of his name in my driveway, how he was killed, how he was setup, how he didn’t really like my son’s father and my fiancé, but if he made me happy then whatever. [Laughs].”

Celina isn’t convinced by Tebo’s “findings.” “I don’t know about everyone else’s experience with her…I paid $150 for my hour and if I felt like I was getting scammed she wouldn’t have gotten a cent from me. I see that people are going to large scaled group readings in theaters and expecting a ground breaking intimate reading from her, I say book a one on one than call her.”

“I still play the reading back, just to listen, to remind me that I didn’t lose him totally, he is always with me. Always.”

As for me, I am still a believer. Until Teresa comes out and says she lied about her powers, I’m going to keep watching.


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