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Who doesn’t love Black love?! We do and we celebrate it with our “Put A Ring On It” series. Each week, we’ll feature YOUR engagement and wedding stories, romantic photos and even tips that’ll help other Beauties out on their Big Day.  Check back each week for a new installment!

This week, we spoke with Nikki and Stephen about the possibility of finding love after loosing a spouse. Neither one of them expected to be more than friends, but when it’s meant to be, you both know it!


Our story is a little different. Steve was previously married for 5 years to a lovely woman by the name of Geneisha. In their second year of marriage, she was diagnosed with Myeloma cancer. After three years of fighting for her life, she went home to be with the Lord.

We should have been friends. It was too easy. My best friend Briana, and his best friend Lloyd, are brother and sister. Get it? I went to college with Stevie’s little sister Kieara. We have plenty of mutual friends, yet we never had a real friendship. After his first wife passed, he came to a few events at my church. I felt drawn to him, but I felt so wrong. How could I like him after he lost his wife? However, I did notice him staring at me [laughs]!

Months later, he asked if I can be on the marketing team for his concert. This caused us to talk everyday, and of course we were NOT talking about the concert. Soon he snuck a date, and then eventually told me, ‘What if I told you I have to tell you something?’ After telling me he liked me and I confirmed I was feeling the same, we fell in love quick and hard. Six months later, he was on one knee asking me to be his wife!

How We Got Engaged

They got me GOOD. My best friend Briana and Stevie had me thinking I was going to an exclusive ESSENCE event with Nia Long (they know I love me some Nia Long). As I headed to Briana’s house, I had NO idea our family and friends were in the basement with Stevie waiting on my arrival.

Briana looked at her phone and screams “Nikki, did you see what Steve put on Facebook?!?” His status said: “When it’s real, it’s real. When it’s right, it’s right. And when you’re ready, you’re ready. I hope she says yes!” Dumbfounded, I said, “Why would he put that on Facebook?”

All of a sudden, Jonathan McReyonolds comes up the stairs singing Chrisette Michelle‘s “A Couple of Forevers” (our song). Briana tells me to have a seat, because I was literally shocked, lol. One by one, members of our family brought me a rose. They then made a mini-pathway for my prince/man of my dreams Stevie to come down. He makes a speech and then asks me to be his wife. I answered before he even finished asking. I said yes TWICE!

NEXT: Check out his side and that BEAUTIFUL ring!

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