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I love weave, so when I randomly received a bundle of Beverly Johnson’s “Legendary Wavy Hair” I shrieked with joy. After marveling the soft and shiny hair, I noticed the package only contained one lonesome (12″) bundle. What am I supposed to do with one bundle, I thought? My head is rather small, but I normally wear three to four bundles of hair (of 24 inches or longer) for a full sew-in. Not sure what to do with the lovely tracks, I placed it securely in my hair drawer (don’t you have one?) for a later install.

Let me tell you how my mom, who once had long beautiful hair, let the hair dressers down the block cut off her gorgeous tresses with no regards for style. Cue Beverly’s bundle. I figured I could use Bev’s luxurious tresses and give her a sew-in. (Yes, I do hair too). I wasn’t sure how it would come out since there wasn’t much hair but after careful calculation, I figured I could get away with a leaving some of her hair out in the front and sewing most of it under a net.

beverly johnson hair1

O-M-G! It totally came out better than I imagined! The style completely transformed my mother’s entire appearance and I immediately noticed a boost in her confidence as she smiled in the mirror, fluffing her hair. “I feel like Chaka Chan,” she said before raving about her new look, “I love it.” I especially adore the pattern. It’s curlier than you would expect for wavy hair and it didn’t thin out towards the ends.

The “Legendary Wavy” hair came in a natural 1b color. I did not dye it.

beverly johnson hair2

Here’s some specs on the hair:

  • 100% Human Virgin Remy Indian Temple Hair
  • It has a great shine.
  • It does not shed or tangle
  • It holds a pleasant scent
  • The wefts were tight to prevent thinning
  • It’s soft
  • Weft: Thin machine weft
  • Weight: Approximately 3.5 to 4oz

Purchase it, here.

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