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In honor of Nicki Minaj’s film debut in the new chick flick “The Other Woman” that hits theaters April 25, we’re taking a look back at movies that have featured our favorite R&B artists and rap stars in lead or supporting roles.

While some absolutely nailed their roles in these movies, others should have probably stuck to their respective talent. Either way, let’s revisit the good, the bad and the ugly of our favorite artists turned actors and see what movies we should check out this weekend.


The cast of the movie “Takers” had entirely too much sexiness to handle at once. Idris Elba, Michael Ealy, Chris Brown, Paul Walker, Hayden Christensen and T.I. all on the screen at one time was enough to have us all melt in our seats. “Takers” featured an intense story line and had us gripping the edge of our seats throughout the whole film, not to mention swooning over the eye candy. Although it’s debatable whether the story-line deserves two thumbs up or not, it’s one of those good/bad films that help a lonely Friday night not seem so bad.

2. “Baby Boy”

Tyrese ‘s acting debut in “Baby Boy” surprised us…considering he’s an R&B crooner with an obvious sensitive and romantic side, it was bizarre to see him transform into Jody, the unemployed mama’s boy who had trouble staying committed to one woman.

Tyrese definitely earned respect in Hollywood with this role as it was obvious that not only could he sing, but he could act as well. This movie also features rapper Snoop Dogg as Tyrese’s character’s archenemy. Overall, I give “Baby Boy” two thumbs up and a think it’s great movie to rewatch this weekend!

3. “Friday”

Ice Cube completely changed the game when he started to take a break from rapping to begin acting. It was clear that Ice Cube had talent as a rapper and could play the role of a “West Coast gangster” extremely well (i.e. “Boyz In The Hood”) however when he opted for the role of Craig in the comedy “Friday,” he proved he was universal in all facets of Hollywood and had a sense of humor. Each movie in the “Friday” franchise is hilarious but the first one takes the cake!

4. “Set It Off”

Queen Latifah SLAYED in “Set It Off” as gang banger Cleo. Both men and women alike gave their props to the Queen for how she went out “like a G” in the bank robber flick. She played the role of a hot-headed lesbian who led her pack of friends (Jada Pinkett-Smith, Vivica A. Foxx and Kimberly Elise) through the ups and downs of walking on the dark side. “Set It Off” is definitely a must watch this weekend!

5. “The Other Woman”

Last but not least, we have to check out Nicki Minaj’s acting debut in “The Other Woman” this weekend. We haven’t had a chance to see Nicki’s acting skills on the big screen yet but it’s obvious that this girl is an actress at heart considering the various characters, costumes and personalities she takes on in her songs and performances. Not to mention she was a drama major at LaGuardia High School!

“The Other Woman” is the story about a woman who after finding out the man she’s dating is a married, joins forces with her ex-boyfriend’s wife to seek revenge. Nicki Minaj plays the role of an office assistant and from what I’ve seen so far, she nails it! Check out the preview above.

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