Rapper Chingy Says Transexual Rumors Almost Ruined His Career

Back in 2003, rapper Chingy was on top of the game with the release of his debut album “Jackpot.” His single “Right Thurr” was the ratchet-girl anthem and literally played everywhere. However, what goes up must come down and Chingy soon fell off. Fastforward a few years and insert a transexual by the name of Sydney Starr. According to a new interview with VladTV, Chingy says he took a photo with someone who he thought was a woman at a concert where he and Ludacris were performing. Turns out, Sydney was not only a transexual, but an opportunist who claimed to have sexual relations with the southern rapper.

Sydney eventually said she lied about the whole thing, but that didn’t fix the damage that was done to Chingy’s career. He says he even lost a record deal because of it and the situation made him weary of taking photos with certain fans.

Watch the video, here.

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