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I moved to Brooklyn in December of 2001. I called the local insurance office to update my policy and Bryan answered the phone. He took such good care of me and made the process very easy. I remember him making me laugh during the conversation. Generally we handled all necessary paperwork via phone and fax. After a few exchanges (I can’t recall why we had so much to talk about, but glad we did), he asked if he could call me after the insurance piece was handled. I thought it was odd because he had all of my personal information and I didn’t know anything really about him. I even decided to deliver one last document in person – hoping to catch him in the office. Bryan teased me about trying to get a glimpse of him on the sly. I denied it. We talked on the phone for another 3 weeks and he suggested we meet. I was hesitant only because our conversations were so delightful, spending hours on the phone, that I feared he would not live up to the interesting (irresistible conversation) guy I’d been talking to every day. Finally, we had our first date on February 15, 2002. We were not disappointed.

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Bryan had planned the engagement for months. He booked us on our normal summer vacation. In June we headed to Barbados. My first time there – it’s a lovely island! On our second day, he made dinner plans that required us to dress up. I didn’t think anything odd because we are good for exploring islands and making sure we “hit all the spots”. As we were getting dressed, the lights went out. We thought it was just our hotel. We finished getting ready and headed out. As we were driving to the restaurant, we realized the island was in a blackout! Needless to say, dinner plans spoiled. We headed back to the hotel and stopped at one of the only places with lights/service, a gas station, and picked up snacks and drinks. I could see Bryan getting agitated (which is rare). I told him it was cool, we would eat the snacks, call it a night and get up early to continue our vacation. After all, we had 6 more days in this beautiful place. We drove back to the hotel. When we got to our room, I’m preparing for bed when Bryan says “let’s sit on the balcony.” I’m thinking, huh? I’m sleepy (lol). We go on the balcony. We sit and talk. I’m about to go back inside when (in the dark), Bryan puts this box in front of me and when he opens it, there is the ring!

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