Jackie Christie’s Daughter Confronts Draya & We’re Like Girl Bye

“You look stupid,” Jackie Christie’s daughter Chantal Christie screamed at Draya, when in actuality she was the one who looked very stupid on last night’s episode of “Basketball Wives: LA.” If you’ve been following this season like we have, you’re well aware that it has become the “I Hate Draya” show and the hate continued last night when Jackie pulled a sneaky move that has us really questioning her sanity.

Draya was taken by surprise when Channy popped up at her and Jackie’s meeting. It all started when Jackie told Draya that Channy had messed with her man Orlando Scandrick while they were dating. Draya told Jackie that Channy wasn’t a virgin and had flown herself out to Seattle to visit Draya’s boo (NFLer) Orlando Scandrick but was passed off to the friend.

It didn’t sit well with Jackie or Channy and they teamed up to attack Draya, who can’t catch a d*mn break even after punching Sundy in the face. After a shouting match, and Draya finally pointing out that Channy was just mad she was dating Orlando, nothing was solved! Go figure…

Sigh. This story is exhausting. Can we just let Draya be happy or naw?

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