Queen Latifah Opens Up About Falling In Love


Queen Latifah is mostly private about her love life and sexuality but opened up about them in the JET Magazine. The Queen, who’s day time talk show is thriving, revealed a trying time in her life when her faith was questioned.

“The biggest thing to ever test my personal faith was the loss of my brother in a motorcycle accident… I believed it ruined my life,” she revealed. “I probably had a five-year interruption in any type of personal growth. There were some things I didn’t learn in my twenties because I was disconnected emotionally. I could only get so close or feel so much.”

Love helped her get out of that dark place, “It was like a circuit breaker had switched off,” she said before venturing off into wanting to have children.

“I’ve wanted to adopt since I was 18 because I grew up with friends who could’ve used good parents,” she told Jet. “Maybe it’s my romanticism of after-school specials where someone would adopt a child and life would be great afterward. I have a lot of love to give.”

Read the article in its entirety and more in the April 21 issue of JET magazine, on newsstands now.

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