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Although #TeamBeautiful loves a good blow out, there’s something about a good wash-n-go that makes our beauty heart swoon. So each week we ask our favorite curlfriend (at the moment) six questions about loving their tresses, their worst hair moments and what products they must have to achieve their signature looks. 

Hello Beautiful. When did you first fall in love with your hair?

Carrie Pink: My hair and I have had a love/hate relationship over the years. I originally went natural in 2004 purely out of fear of relaxing my hair while pregnant. I continued the process for my daughter. I wanted her to love her hair. I wanted to encourage her that bad hair did not exist and that it didn’t need to be “fixed” with chemicals. Did I go back to creamy crack? Yes! I went back in 2006 and guess what…all my hair fell out and immediately broke off! I was devastated but I started over. I went to a texturizer for a short time after that, but eventually even let that go and committed semi-permanently in 2007. I say semi because I faltered with a keratin treatment disaster one last time in 2010 which ended with another big chop! I would say that since 2010 I have learned to love every single facet of my hair–it’s texture, its thickness and its flyaway behavior. It has good days, bad days and everything in between.

HB: What’s some hair advice you’d give to your 14-year-old self?

CP: I would tell my 14 year old self DON’T PERM! You don’t need it, your hair texture is big and beautiful. Sure it’s a lot to manage for you right now but that’s because you have been treating it the wrong way and constantly trying to conform. Stop abusing your curls with blow dryers and combs. They do not like being forced straight. Yes you heard people in your family and in the salon complain about what a feat your hair is. Don’t let it’s size intimidate you the way it does them. Break the job down into smaller sections and get to work. Commit time to your hair, yes it will take you 2-3 hours but don’t let anyone tell you that’s too much. You are only 14 and you don’t have anything better to do, trust me. Besides it will be a breeze once I tell you that you’re missing your two important pieces of wisdom and two secret weapons. The wisdom first, for your hair type moisture is really your friend, not the enemy. Second, combs are evil and not made for your hair type. THROW THEM ALL AWAY! Your secret weapons on this journey will be water in a spray bottle and a paddle brush! Go forth young Carrie, Let those curls be free (boy if only I knew that back in 1994).

HB: If you could trade tresses with anyone, who would it be?

CP: Trade? No thanks. Versatile texture, thickness, and length are all things people want when it comes to the perfect head of hair and I have all three. I wouldn’t trade for someone who doesn’t have those. I would trade the frizz though. Find me someone with an amazingly versatile texture, thickness, length plus no frizz and I’ll consider a trade. [laughs]

HB: Your worst hair moment.

CP: Probably back in high school. I would be so frustrated with my hair that I would just leave it out and go–no curls, no style, just big, unshaped, unstyled hair (sigh)! What was I thinking? I would show you a picture, but I think I burned them all!

HB: . Your bad hair day solution.

CP: My best bad hair day solution is a huge bun. My hair loves to tangle so when I’m short on time to detangle it I use my paddle brush and my spray bottle and stick it in a big bun. Finish it with some product to lay down the fly-a-ways and I go. In fact, I’m rocking a bun right now! [laughs]

Amen to all of that! Chime in via the comments below if you have any natural hair tips or stories for us to share on #RealGirlsRealCurls!


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