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We all know Ledisi can sanggg. She proved it when she performed “Four Women” at Black Girls Rock in 2011 and continues to show how powerful her vocals are through other tributes and her own personal music. So when #TeamBeautiful got an advance copy of her sixth studi album, “The Truth,” we couldn’t wait to hear the evolution of her good ole-fashion R&B that has a grown woman flair.

The Grammy-nominated singer does not disappoint on her 10-track album, which hit stores this week via Verve Music. On this new project, Ledisi covers a wide range of topics related to love. From that new-love glow down to to pleasing your man (pun intended), the singer experiences a complete range of emotions, which only add strength to her vocals.

Lyrically, the album keeps it simple, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing. From the moment you press play it’s as if the sun comes out. Even despite the sometime heart wrenching confessions, Ledisi’s music ends up feeling like a spring day.

This album lives up to its name. It is “The Truth” and here’s 5 reasons why you should check it out.

1) This Is Grown Folk’s Music 

Ledisi is a grown woman. She’s isn’t competing with the trends and she’s not trying to keep with the Joneses. This self-assurance, that can be heard throughout the album, comes from lessons learned through love. On tracks such as “I Blame You,” Ledisi sings freely of a love so deep, her walk, talk and glow can all be attributed to finding, keeping and loving a good man. While the track “That Good Good” might seem like a declaration of her skills in the bedroom,  Ledisi takes it a step further to proudly sings of requiring love, attention, nurture and affection, because that’s the kind of good-good love she gives.

2) Ledisi Done Been Through Some Thangs You’ll Relate Too 

On “88 Boxes” Ledisi walks us through a painful breakup. Her vulnerability radiates as she sings about wanting to stay in a relationship and wishes her boyfriend would simply tell her he loves her. Instead, he pridefully and quietly stands as she packs up her things. All their years together, pictures and old love letters have been divided in to 88 boxes. We’ve all been there.

3) She Celebrates Her Inner Freak…But In A Classy Way

Female vocalists continue to get flack for raunchy lyrics and images, but in Ledisi’s world, love making sounds much sweeter. On “Loose Control,” a track  reminiscent of old school R&B jams, Ledisi let’s her man know to expect something different tonight without getting vulgar or explicit. She simply tells him to get off the phone, hurry home, where she’ll be wearing red pumps and tells him to follow the clues which will no doubt lead to the nights festivities.  If you’re not into rolling up the “Partition” then “Loose Control” might be more your speed.

4) She Might Amp You Up To Make Some “Big Girl” Decisions

A lot of women would stay in a dead-end relationship, rather than face the truth, but Ledisi isn’t one of those women. On the title track “The Truth,” she comes to terms with the fact that the relationship she once treasured, is no more. They don’t kiss anymore and she doesn’t love him like she used to, so she decided to do what she has to do, which is leave.

5) It’s A Happy Album

From start to finish, despite the subject matter, Ledisi provides listeners with an upbeat R&B album. You can hear a joyful foundation within the music, even on songs like “The Truth” and “88 Boxes.” Ledisi remains happy, and continues to smile through it all, which is a testament to the strength of a woman. She didn’t not knock the windows out of her man’s car, or scream to the heavens about how much she hates a man that did her wrong. Despite it all, Ledisi is a ray of light, and even in her dark times, won’t let anyone or anything bring down her happiness.

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