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Linnethia Monique Leakes’ good, Christian name is being dragged through the mud by the LGBTQ community after using several gay slurs to reference Kenya Moore’s friend, Brandon DeShay on the latest episode of “Real Housewives of Atlanta.”

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During the show, a squabble took place between Kenya, Brandon, Apollo, Peter and whoever else decided they needed to jump in and during that fight, NeNe spewed a few hate-filled terms like, “Queen,” and “Woman” in DeShay’s direction. The show’s audience quickly took to Twitter to voice their disdain in NeNe using the derogatory terms, claiming that the reality show starlet should know better.


As a woman with a bevy of gay friends, I often use the terms, “Queen,” “Woman” and “Girl” to refer to them, but I use these words on my friends as terms of endearment. NeNe was in the middle of an altercation, so there was no way that those words could be anything but venom.

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#TeamBeautiful got a chance to chat with Kenya Moore about NeNe calling her friend, DeShay a “Queen” and a “Woman” and she said:

“She’s made an entire career of basically copying and repeating gay men’s lingo and for you to seem as if you’re so gay friendly and you want to talk about someone having their a** beat because they’re a Queen and that Queen got what he deserved…So, you make humiliating and inflammatory remarks? What would be the point in that, to gay bash? That was telling because when people are angry or drunk, they tell the truth.”

Gay blogger, Xem says that NeNe’s insensitive use of the terms are disgusting and he’s calling the “RHOA” star out to take responsibility for her degrading actions.

Nene has spent the past five seasons, publicly praising her love for ‘the gays’; a watered down expression that diminishes the role of gay men as nothing more than accessories to her ‘fabulous’ life. While you all latched on to her coattails and held her up as the new holy grail for ‘the gays’, I knew from her phrasing how she REALLY felt towards my LGBT community. Gay men could exist in her space for as long as we were styling her hair, painting her face, dressing her for events and trailing slightly behind her as she walked numerous red carpets. We in turn, embraced her antics; making it even more comfortable for Nene to use our likeness to further push her brand awareness.

Even more “RHOA” fans starting chiming in, after tuning into Andy Cohen’s “Watch What Happens Live,” where the openly gay host he didn’t even address NeNe’s comments. As a top Bravo executive, Cohen’s hands may have been tied and chastising NeNe about her gay slurs wasn’t something he could easily do. Why? Bravo TV houses a show called, “Fashion Queens,” where two of the three cast members are gay men–who are 100 percent fine with being labeled, “Queens.”

Wouldn’t Andy look like a hypocrite if he called NeNe out? I’ve never really thought of the terms “Queen” or “Woman” being offensive when talking about the gay community, but again, that is because I’ve always been immersed in the culture. But if I was in a fight with a gay man and used it, I could see how it could be interpreted as an insult. But how offensive is the term when there are gay men who’s bread and butter depend on being called, “Queen?”

What do you think beauties–was NeNe wrong for calling Brandon a “Queen” and a “Woman”? Answer our poll below:

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