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As a part of the cast of “The View,” Sherri Shepherd spends most of her working moments discussing the hottest topics in pop culture. I got a chance to sit with Sherri and I just had to know how she felt about a few hot topics that we love to chat about on HelloBeautiful.

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From Momma Joyce’s ridiculous actions against Kandi on “Real Housewives Of Atlanta” to Kanye West and Kim Kardashian’s every paparazzi-riddled move, we’re dying to know what Sherri thinks! Check out her spirited opinions on the hottest topics of the week.

1. Momma Joyce

I think at some point, the parents have to step out because it’s not like Kandi is 15. She’s grown, we’ve been there before. She’s got a child. Momma Joyce has to step away and say, ‘You know what, I’ve raised you. I’ve instilled in you and now it’s your time to choose.’ I’m not a big fan of parents jumping in and One of my friends, her dad said, ‘I’m going to disown you.’ And it’s like, ok, Black people don’t disown, not when we’re making the car payment, dad, for your insurance. We don’t do disown. That doesn’t even work in our culture. I’m not a fan of you stepping in at all costs to prevent because Kandi’s grown. She has to make her own mistakes.

2. Kanye West

I think Kanye doesn’t realize that the Kardashians eat their men. They are like Black Widow spiders; once they’re done, they eat you up. I think they’re [Kim and Kanye] having a good time. I hope it works out because they have North West. I’m really rooting for them.

3. Bey & Jay’s Vegan Challenge

I think it looks great. I follow Beyonce on Instagram. I think the food looks great. How the hell do you make it? [laughs] The stuff looks amazingly beautiful. I went and got the same vegetables that Beyonce showed; I put them on a plate and they didn’t look like that. Beyonce’s version and Sherri Shepherd’s version does not look the same.


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