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To your chagrin, you’ve been spending a lot of money on dandruff shampoos only to come to the conclusion hundreds of dollars later that nothing is working. Could it be because you’re self-diagnosing and you’re really a sufferer of something more serious like seborrheic dermatitis?

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Seborrheic dermatitis (SD) is something more than just dry scalp, which is the most common reason attributed to the flakes you see gathered on the shoulders of your blouse or jacket (eew)! This condition can appear as a mild to  flaky stubborn build-up on a red itchy scalp. Flare ups can even appear on other parts of the body like the  backs of ears and eyebrows.

Promiseb Complete is a new regimen developed to combat the effects of SD. ‘Complete’ features Promiseb Topical Cream and Scalp Wash which loosens and washes away the flakes of SD. Promiseb has been clinically proven to treat  SD with less relapses than other low-dose topical medicines.

Unlike dandruff shampoos, which undermine the lasting effects of keratin treatments, straightening body wave treatments and stripping hair color, prescription-only Promiseb Complete is safe for color-treated hair, lasts for as many as 50 washings and has a pleasant fragrance.

For the love of beauty, stop the endless spending and head to your dermatologist to get diagnosed and get your prescription for Promiseb. You won’t regret it.

In the event you’re actually suffering from “run of the mill dandruff,” expert celebrity stylist, Jim Crawford says that a sleek ponytail always does the trick because it “covers up separations and parts where dandruff could really show.”

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