The countdown to Danity Kane’s first comeback concert is in full effect. In just two weeks, Aubrey, Dawn, Shannon, and Aundrea will hit the stage together for the first time in five years as a four-some and with new material.

The platinum-selling girl group caught up with Rap Up for an exclusive interview. They discussed their excitement for the reunion show, D. Woods’ absence and how they feel about former manager and group founder Diddy.

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Check out highlights from the conversation, below.

Don’t call it a comeback! 

Aundrea: “It’s not a reunion. It’s more of us just picking up where we left off, she explained. “It was time, we were ready. It kind of started as a phone call, like a text to each of us and we kind of went to lunch and it was like no time had passed. So we were like ‘ok, let’s do it.’”

On having support from their original fan base:

Aubrey: “The same type of feeling occurred when the TMZ story blew up everywhere, we were all having our phones blow up and kind of felt to ourselves the power of our fans. This amazing group of people who have stuck by our side through all this f**kery.”

Dawn: “6 years. We haven’t spoke the name in 6 years and in that second, trending for two–that’s powerful. I think most can’t do that.”

Their feelings on fifth member D. Wood’s absence:

Shannon: “D. Woods obviously is not with us right now. We all had a conference call together, we were all were given the opportunity to make this happen as Danity Kane was and the four of us are here now.

Aubrey: “That’s the end of that.”

Dawn: “We wish her the best too. There’s no ill will. It’s just we asked who wanted to be here and those who showed up, showed up. It’s nothing more than that. We want people to see this for what it is. This is Danity Kane and if you’d like to accept that and move on we would like to give you the great music and great product that we’re really, really excited to give.”

Aubrey: “And the new era of Danity Kane is never trying to compete or disrespect the old era. We were then was so amazing and what we had together then was so powerful. And really now this is just the future vision of what we all knew we wanted to see happen the first time. We always appreciate and love and respect everyone who was involved in the first round. And this round we’re really going to take control and send out into the world the artistry that we always envisioned ourselves having.”

Dawn: “I think at this stage we gave each other a date and a time on when we would give– everybody had solo careers, everybody was moving toward something and we all told each other we would stop. And we respect that. In this time word is everything. Word is bond. The word was very loose in the beginning. I think that’s why things were hard to believe and trust because a lot of people didn’t keep their word in all of the business. So this time around our words mean everything. And so we’re deciding that if that’s the close time, that’s the close time. So now this is the four, this is Danity Kane but we respect and love everybody’s choices.”

On if they’ve heard from Diddy:

Aubrey: “No but we definitely want to congratulate him on Revolt TV. We think that that’s great that he finally got that off the ground. He’s been wanting to do that forever. And we wish him the best and hope that he wishes up the best. And you know, hopefully we’ll see him at the Grammys in a year. When we’re on stage and we’re getting our award. Maybe he’ll bring us cheesecake.”

Dawn: “I doubt that very seriously.”

Check out the full interview below and tell us if you excited form their new music and comeback show.

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