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Four-year-old Detroit resident Aiden Mitchell is being heralded for helping to save his mom’s life when she slipped into a diabetic coma Saturday morning, according to MyFox Detroit.

At around 9:30 a.m., Mitchell’s unidentified uncle began calling the boy’s home to speak with his mom, Angela. Mitchell told his uncle she was sleeping, but he kept calling anyway, hoping she’d wake up. But each time he telephoned, Mitchell would inform him that his mom was still asleep.

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Feeling uneasy over why Angela would sleep so long, the uncle decided to pay his sister a visit. When the uncle approached the home and rang the doorbell, luckily, Mitchell was able to unlock the door to let him in.

Angela, who appeared to be sleeping, was in fact breathing but could not be revived. The uncle called an ambulance and Angela was rushed to a nearby hospital. According to doctors, just a mere thirty minutes more and Angela’s fate would have been tragic.

Meanwhile the pint-sized life-saver knows he helped to save his mom’s life. He enthusiastically looked in to a television camera and said, “I’m a hero!”

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Who said a hero ain’t nothing but a sandwich?

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