Finally after being taken to court by her landlord and winning her case, Kenya is moving out of her home. Packing up her items with her assistant and cousin in tow, she’s headed to a hotel until she can figure out something more permanent. In the midst of their moving party they discover a wayward box belonging to Conya, the hostile landlord, with her wedding dress inside. In true Kenya crazy fashion she tries the dress and proceeds to dance around the house. Now if you’ve already been taken to court by this woman why would add fuel to the fire? That’s the problem with Ms. Moore she can never just leave well enough alone. Sure enough because her life is always a roller coaster of mess, the scorned landlord shows up at the house just to ensure she’s leaving the property, with an entourage and the cops. Shockingly I agree with Kenya’s response to her, this lady seems to be desperate for attention at her expense. Her plot didn’t work though because Kenya and crew rode off into the sunset away from her house with laughter.

Tune in next week to see what happens with husbands of Atlanta and their housewives; it’s going to get real!

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