Kandi may be around to hug Porsha through her divorce but her own family doesn’t seem to be very excited about the possibility of her impending marriage. Taking some time to discuss her engagement to Todd with her employee, Don Juan and her daughter, Riley; Kandi finds out two important things. One, many of the people in her life are all worried about how Todd will affect their piece of the pie. Why is it that all these people in Ms. Burruss’ life are afraid with love that their cash cow will be no more? Seems to me like Kandi may need to check her loved ones hearts because they seem to be guilty of the same thing they accuse of Todd of; counting her money. And two, Riley is wise beyond her years. Giving her mother some valuable advice about how to handle her grandmother’s disdain for her future stepfather had Kandi thinking maybe she should just do what she wants to regardless of how Miss Joyce may feel.

UP NEXT: Apollo pouts over Phaedra being right?

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