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Bill deBlasio won the NYC mayoral election by a landslide. According to the New York Times, virtually every vote cast by Black New Yorkers — 96 percent — went his way. Mr. deBlasio scored a bigger number of Black votes than New York City’s first Black mayor in 1989, David N. Dinkins!

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It’s being reported that in postelection interviews, dozens of Black New Yorkers said that de Blasio’s personal touch, his biracial family and his pledge to help the working-class and poor had affected them deeply. Not everyone votes in the same way, but when there is a candidate you feel represents you, either because his family is a portrait of progression or you’ve followed his political career and know that deBlasio’s always been an ally for Blacks, a landslide win was expected. According to postelection interviews with deBlasio supporters, the new NYC mayor understands what Blacks people have gone through:

“He knows what the average person’s going through, because he’s been experiencing what they’re going through.” – Veronica Sibblies, a Jamaican immigrant.

“Some Black people probably are breathing a sigh of relief, that finally we have someone that is going to at least represent our concerns, and try and make life better for us.” – Steven Worrell, a Family Court worker.

deBlasio is more than just a White politician who understands the plight of Black people because he goes home to a Black family every night. In the 90’s, deBlasio worked as a federal housing administrator, working with poor and working-class New Yorkers struggling to afford their homes. deBlasio has always had his finger on the pulse of the Black community, so it’s no surprise that he’s been fully embraced by us.

I remember making a joke about it a few months back. Oh, deBlasio has a Black former lesbian wife? One of his kids rocks an Afro envied by #TeamNatural members everywhere? I’m sure Black folks are in love, especially if his win means we get to say goodbye to Michael Bloomberg, the former mayor who has alienated many New Yorkers of color with his controversial stop-and-frisk policy.

Under the policy NYPD officers have  stopped and frisked a staggering 680,000 plus people in 2011, of which more than half were Black and 34 percent were Latino. Only nine percent of those stopped-and-frisked were White. With these basic statistics, it’s fair to say the 96 percent of Black New Yorkers who voted deBlasio in are more than happy to have someone in the mayor’s office who has their best interest at heart.

Admittedly, there are plenty of Black people who voted for deBlasio based on his Black family and which echoes, the “How He’s Doing” skit from Kerry Washington’s appearance on “Saturday Night Live,” commenting on the unwavering support from Black voters for President. deBlasio may benefit from this same type of “he’s one of us” appreciation, but up until this point in his career deBlasio has been a supporter of policies that help in NYC. When deBlasio wasn’t attempting to raise taxes for the rich (earning $500K and up per year), he was trying to pour money to City University of New York schools to decrease tuition, making it more affordable for those who couldn’t foot the bill. Let’s help deBlasio continues to back up his perceived understanding of “us” with policy and legislation.

What do you think about Bill deBlasio’s landslide win? Let’s chat @Rhapsodani.

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