Introducing Peter Gunz…

Last night we were introduced to Peter Gunz and his girlfriend, Tara. The couple had been together for 13 years and already had two children together. It seemed as if their family dynamic was working great and they looked like they were head over heels in love with one another…who knew there was a situation waiting in the wings!

We find out that Peter was venturing in into the management business and his first artist, Amina Butterfly, was performing at Rich Dollaz and Yandy‘s showcase. He invited his girl, Tara, to accompany him at the event and meet Amina face to face for the first time.

Amina pulled off a great performance (depending on who you ask) and Yandy and Rich were utterly impressed. Tara stood by her man like a proud girlfriend and even gave Amina a big hug after the show, congratulating her on a great performance. Everything looked quite normal, but little did we all know that we were watching another Stevie J right in front of our eyes!

Later on in the studio, the real nature of Peter and Amina’s relationship was revealed. Peter explained that Tara was his soulmate but he connected with Amina on a musical level. Hm.. where have we heard THAT one before? He explained that he was genuinely in love with both women and that his heart was completely torn.

Now, for the kicker: Amina explained that her and Peter had been together for about a year now and she was waiting patiently for Peter to break things off with Tara so they could officially be a couple without sneaking around.

Little did we know that SHE was Peter’s wife, and his real wife. She lifted up her shirt to reveal her tattoo: Mrs. Pankey signifying that the two were actually already married. So, who was the real sidechick and who was the real wife? Anybody else confused?

Need any more reason why this season is going to be epic?

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