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Beauty products can be so expensive. Especially when you are buying the latest beauty trends and celebrity makeup collaborations. But you know I’m here to save the day–and your wallet! There are a number of really easy ways to stretch those hard-earned dollars without sacrificing the beauty results.

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1. Revive Your Nail Polish: If your polish brush no longer reaches the bottom of the bottle, add a few drops of nail polish remover, shake the bottle and voila, new nail polish. You should also invest in a long thin paintbrush to access those hard to reach last bits of polish before trashing the bottle for good.

2. Maximize Mascara: Is your favorite mascara all dried up? Use a hair dryer to heat it up, or soak the tube in hot water to re-liquify. But remember mascara should be thrown out after three to six months of use to avoid infections.

3. Make Lipstick Last:  Scrape the lipstick dregs out of bottom of the tube, place inside of a pill-box, contact lens case or a very small plastic paint palette and microwave for about 10 seconds. Then, put the melted lipstick in the fridge to harden in your new “container.” You might need to use a lipstick brush to apply, but that’s much cheaper than a whole new tube of Chanel.

4. Longer Life Lip Liner: To keep lip and eyeliners moist and firm, store them in the refrigerator between uses.

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5. From Powder to Gloss: Take leftover powdered blush (when it’s cracked and you can hardly get it on the brush) and mix with Vaseline for a pink, sparkly nude lip gloss.

6. From Dust to Gold: If your blush or eye shadow cracks and falls apart, put all of the pieces in a plastic baggie and pound into a powder. Then, dip a make-up brush in to use the powdery bits.

7. Spritz and Save: When your favorite perfumes have vanished into fumes, add water to the perfume bottle, shake it up and transfer to a spray bottle (unless your perfume bottle is already an atomizer, in which case use that). Voila! Instant body spray!

8. Turn Powder to Crème Shadows: To change the look of a powder eye shadow you’ve had for a while, apply a little Vaseline to your lid before applying the shadow for a creamier, richer color that will “pop” and look ultra-modern – like you just visited the latest makeup counter.

9. Freeze Frame: If your makeup keeps melting off while you’re applying it during the hot summer months, open the freezer door and let your face cool down to help your make-up set. That way, you won’t have to keep re-applying and wasting more makeup.

10. Cheap Shine-Stoppers: If you run out of blotting papers and want to de-shine your face on a humid day, toilet seat covers are a great stand-in.

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