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This has to be one of the most bizarre stories we’ve read in a while.

According to reports, a 20-year-old man named Antwion Courtez Martin was arrested in Oklahoma City for allegedly killing a Facebook user who commented on his girlfriend’s profile picture.

So what was the comment that cost 48-year-old Edmond James Tyree his life? News Ok reports he wrote “damm” under a photo of Martin’s girlfriend wearing a bikini.

“This is a perfect example of some of the ridiculous reasons people kill for,” Oklahoma County District Attorney David Prater said.

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“During an interview … Martin acknowledged having words with the deceased victim about his comments made about the bathing suit photo,” Oklahoma City police detective Ryan Porter wrote in a court affidavit.

The woman was identified in the court affidavit as Sharda Perkins. She posted the photo in June, writing, “Me on my way swimin.”

Using an obscenity, Martin angrily asked online what Tyree meant by his “damm” comment, Perkins’ Facebook page shows.

Martin also wounded Michael Joe Hale, Tyree’s visiting friend. Hale positively identified Martin as the shooting  for police, ironically through Facebook.

“It was pure dumb luck that he had his picture on her Facebook page,” he said during an interview with The Oklahoman.

Hale said the shooter did not say anything to Tyree before pulling the trigger.

“James told the guy twice, ‘I know you,’” Hale also said.

Hale, 48, a disabled Iraq War veteran, believes the shooter had one or two accomplices. Hale recalled one guy said to the shooter, “What’s taking so long? Hurry up and pop a cap in his ass.”

Detectives still are investigating the shooting in an effort to identify the other suspects.

Martin, charged with first-degree murder and shooting with the intent to kill, is currently being held at an Oklahoma County jail. His girlfriend, 21-year-old Sharda Perkins, says he’s facing charges for “something he did not do.” On her Facebook page, she wrote they will be back together soon.



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