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“Basketball Wives” was quite entertaining last night. From the continued saga of Evelyn and Chad’s domestic drama to Tami and Shaunie’s new-found beef to Tami’s mother’s battle with cancer, I’m not even sure where to begin! The common denominator of this week’s episode seemed to be Tami Roman, so I think we’ll start with that.

Tami VS Shaunie

If you recall, this season of “Basketball Wives” was SUPPOSED to show a different side of the “wives” but boy were they wrong. It looked like the ladies were up to their usual drama and nit-picking over each and every little thing.  Tami decided to go after head honcho, Shaunie O’Neal, after Shaunie warned newbie Tasha Marbury that things could either go “real right or real wrong” with Tami. Apparently Tami didn’t take too well with that comment and felt that Shaunie was now out to get her. Tami met with Evelyn to talk more about Shaunie and threatened to put her hands on Shaunie if things went left. Really, Tami?

Ev suggested that she, Tami, Tasha and Shaunie get together to hash things out (as long as there weren’t any bottles, knives or glasses around) but Tami decided to meet up with Tasha to give her advice on how to deal with her attitude. Tasha then met up with Shaunie and of course told Shaunie everything that she and Tami discussed. Later, Shaunie met with Evelyn and once again, Evelyn told Shaunie everything she and Tami discussed. Shaunie was shocked that Tami threatened to punch her in the face but knew that if it came down to it, it would be on!

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