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We’re mid way through July and the temperature is not getting cooler anytime soon. Finding work-appropriate summer clothes can sometimes present a challenge. You’ve probably already received that dreaded office email filled with the do’s and don’ts of office attire. But you can bet that your co-worker will be the first to rock her above-the-knee-skirt, a spaghetti strap top or any other fashionable item that HR deems inappropriate for the office.

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While maintaining your cool for the remainder of summer and transitioning to your fall wardrobes here’s some quick easy tips from Nancy LeWinter, Fashion Expert and the Editorial Director of, that will allow you to look trendy, feel breezy while wearing office-appropriate attire.

  1. For a business formal look, wear a tank top under your jacket – nobody sees what kind of sleeves you’re wearing underneath, but a tank top will strip one layer. Perhaps opt for a lighter linen jacket.
  2. For a business casual look, a flowing-summer dress or even a trendy maxi is completely office-appropriate with a cute cardigan!
  3. Adjustable sleeves are the best thing to happen to summer dressing since air conditioning. The sleeves go from tee-shirt length to long sleeve and always look tailored.
  4. Just because it’s hot outside doesn’t mean you get to wear shorter skirts or lower-cut shirts. Instead, opt for lighter, breezier fabrics such as cottons and chiffons that will give you more ventilation.
  5. Make sure to stock up on trendy blouses! Avoiding tight-fitting clothing. It leaves little room for your body to breathe and is just easier to sweat through!
  6. Avoid tight body shaping. There are now lighter stretch, or go for a dress with tummy control already in it.
  7. Wear skirts instead of slacks, which can sometimes feel restricting in the heat.

So now you are ready for your work day!

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