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Mother and daughter duo, Stacia Pierce and Ariana Pierce have taken on the entrepreneurial world together through their efforts in beauty, life and career coaching. Take a look into their current efforts and what led them to pursue paths to self-employment together!

Name: Stacia Pierce


Success and Business Coach and


Doctorate of Philosophy and Religious Studies from Friends International University,

Doctorate of Divinity from St. Thomas College

Name: Ariana Pierce

Occupation: CEO of Superstar Nail Lacquer

Education: Michigan State University

Please give us some insight into your previous work experience:

Stacia: As a teen, I worked in retail for a little while in school for a clothing store and jewelry shop. When I was 18, I became a Beauty Control consultant. I went to a tea party with a friend and came back with a $500 make up kit. All of a sudden I was a beauty consultant. After a few weeks of hosting make up parties and making lots of money from home, while my friends were going to work every day, I soon realized I found what I love. I knew then that I would be an entrepreneur. From there I created my own makeup line, opened my own clothing store and launched an image and branding company with classes. Once I began writing books, it opened the door to speaking engagements. So, I launched into the speaking arena while running my companies. Eventually this grew into my coaching business for entrepreneurs.

Ariana: I come from a family of entrepreneurs, so my first real business experience was around 17 when I launched The Billionheir Girl’s Club. It was a club for girls to learn about etiquette, beauty, fashion and entrepreneurial skills. It included a line of fashionable accessories and T-shirts.

My motto behind The Billionheir Girl’s Club was to inspire young girls to live their dreams now and not later. I shared with them tools on how to succeed in school and even how to start their first business! As the business expanded, I decided that the information should not just be available to young girls but I had to share it with everyone. So I renamed the brand to The Billionheir’s Club and turned it into my blog where I now post about fashion and entrepreneurship.

HB: Briefly describe your day-to-day activities and responsibilities on your job/position.

Stacia: I start every morning with meditation time and writing in my journal. Though I’ve never been into fitness, I can honestly say I love the feeling and results of my daily morning run and workout and another run at night. Yes, I really do it every single day. When traveling, I run in the hotel fitness center or run in place in my room.

My daily activities are never the same after that so here’s a list of all the things I do:

I write a lot: for articles, my blog, products I’m creating and my new book. I also write notes for my speaking engagements usually once or twice a month and I write script outlines for STACIA TV, my online show and we record them twice a week.

I’m working on a web series right now, some days we’re taping all day and in different locations. I started my own production company four years ago and we’ve produced three DVD movies so far. Now, we’re taking things to a whole new level, I have a vision for creating very inspiring movies for women who love to lead and love their work!

I spend a lot of time coaching my clients, who are mainly entrepreneurs. My niche is helping entrepreneurs start or grow their business. To avoid burning out, I’ve created a system so I can handle a lot of clients at once.

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I come from a fashion background so image and branding is a big part of my coaching process. I often incorporate my experience from owing a make-up line, clothing store and beauty salon, into my coaching to help clients package themselves and their products beautifully. Naturally, I also attract a lot of clients who are in the fashion and beauty industries, whom I’ve helped revitalize or ramp up their businesses to six-figures and beyond.

My daughter, Ariana, is carrying on the fashion and beauty torch as CEO of Superstar Nail Lacquer, a premier nail polish company as well as, a jewelry company.

Ariana: As the CEO of Superstar Nail Lacquer, it is my job to not only run the company and make sure that each aspect of the business is running smoothly, but to ensure that our product reaches our target market. I do the social media and marketing for the brand as well as attend meetings to discuss partnerships and distribution with stores.

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