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In the next installment of ‘Oprah’s Next Chapter’, the Queen of talk sits down with self-confessed former mean girl, Gabrielle Union who opens up about the fierce competition for acting jobs. Plus, find out how she changed her attitude.

Gabrielle tells Oprah:

“I think nowadays there is this celebration of, as the kids say, ‘the ratchet… the ratchetness.’ You are supported in tearing other people down. There is a forum for it, there’s a huge spotlight on you to do that. People are like ‘How did you move from being a mean, vindictive, hateful person who couldn’t be happy for other people to embracing and truly being supportive?’ And really it came down to we were in a room, we were at a party and I was holding court because I could turn phrase and be a little slick myself. And I was trashing somebody. You know, just ripping them to shreds, head to toe. And A.J. pulls me to the side and she says, ‘Ok, so how did your life change? Did you get the guy? Did you get the job? Is your house any bigger? Did money just magically get put in your pocket? What positive happened in your life after you just tore that woman down?”

Oprah’s Next Chapter airs this Sunday at 9 p.m. on OWN.

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