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Torrei Hart says she’s ready to step out of Kevin Hart’s shadow and share her story on a reality TV show.

In a recent interview, the mother two children revealed that she’s no longer bitter about her divorce from the funny man and she’s prepared to move on to bigger and better things.

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“I was a little resentful because I did see his career growing and I was there from the beginning and I was his muse for all of his early material, if you date back to when he first started because we were always together and I was always in his life. I got a little more resentful when I had my daughter because I wasn’t able to go as many places with him as I was able to before. I felt like he was distancing himself,” she shared. “We had our ups and downs during the divorce. Right now we’re good at good parenting, were excellent actually at co-parenting, because he is working a lot, and when I work he comes and gets the kids and we just try to make it work.”

She went on to say that she may be a cast member on a show like “Hollywood Exes.”

“The producers of ‘Hollywood Exes,’ we’re working with them right now. We have the cast together, fingers crossed it looks like something will be happening very soon,” she said. “The cast that we put together is a very good cast and its not going to be just like ‘Hollywood Exes’ in that vain. We’re not going to be fighting. It’s gonna be wives, some ex-wives, some big players in Hollywood, real estate money managing people. It’s definitely in that vain, but we’re bringing a whole different twist to it.”

And as far as Kevin’s new girlfriend Eniko? Torrei says “we’re not enemies, but we’re not friends.”

“I don’t feel like we can build the right type of relationship because there still something there. I’m not oppose to trying to build a better relationship with her, but I think it takes two to build a relationship,” she said. “I wouldn’t want my kids to ever see us not getting along, or feel like ‘Okay, my parents can’t work it out.’ I feel like as long as you put the kids first, then you can do it and it does take time.”

Aside from her upcoming reality TV venture, fans of Torrei Hart can catch her comedy spoofs on YouTube.

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