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Jet lag. The dreaded two words that can wreck any vacation. I once spent two of the three days of my vacation in France in a jet-lagged blur of sleep and room service. It was a major waste of money and vacation hours from work right? Right. Through personal trial and error I’ve found a few ways to minimize the effects of jet lag and get that enthusiasm back when you touch down at your destination. With a couple of these suggestions, you’ll be able to handle any overseas travel.

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1. Get a massage

When you check into your hotel, make it a priority to book a massage ASAP. And no…I’m not talking about those sweet and sensitive Swedish massages. You’ll need something heavy duty, like a sports massage, deep tissue or Thai. It does wonders for your circulation and helps your muscle’s to let go of the tension it built up on the flight. Many hotels with spas even offer a “Jet Lag massage” on their menu.

2. Get your body on the right clock ahead of time

Try getting your body used to your destination’s time zone before you get there. If you can, shoot for three days to a full week of adjusting before you go. If the time zone is too severe (Thailand for instance is around 12 hours ahead of many U.S cities) even a few hours of pre-adjustment can work wonders, like going to bed and waking up couple of hours before you normally would.

3. Water Water Water (and healthy eats)!

Long flights are notorious hydration zappers. Load up on water the few days before your trip and especially while in-flight (and if you have access to it, oxygenated water does wonders). The day of travel, eat light and eat healthy. Veggies, fruits, lean proteins and nuts. Being mindful of what you put in your body will help keep your energy levels up and avoid those sluggish, sleepy, bloated feelings when you land.

4. Get Active!

Once you land and make it to your hotel, for God’s sake do not go to sleep! I get it, your exhausted, but you must fight that exhaustion by any means necessary. Grab a coffee and get going. Take a walk, pick up some souvenirs or start crossing places off your sight seeing list. If you can bear it, heading to the hotel gym and getting 30 minutes of cardio in helps too. This is a really important part of the no jet lag plan and the first step towards getting you used to your new time zone.


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