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Chelsea Ramer is a graduating senior at Escambia Academy High School in Atmore, Alabama and just like a million other graduating teens, Ramer decorated her cap to show personal pizzazz. Instead of the traditional globs of glitter and the ever-used, “Hi Mom!” she decided to use an eagle feather that represents her Native American Poarch Creek Band of Indians heritage.

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Ramer is now being fined $1000 and denied her diploma! It’s being reported that Ramer violated the school’s policy on wearing “extraneous items” on her cap. Students were to sign paperwork, claiming they wouldn’t wear any items on their caps and gowns. However, Ramer asked to be the exception to the rule so she could proudly display her heritage in an understated way.

Ramer told reporters:

“About two months ago, me and the other Indian seniors from the graduating class asked our headmaster if we could wear the feathers on our caps. She told us ‘no’ and that if we did, she would pull us off the field.”

Ramer chose not to heed the headmaster’s warnings and decided to wear her feather to graduation. Ramer has appealed the $1000 fine and will possibly seek legal council. She still hasn’t received her diploma, even though the headmaster has since been let go.

Is Ramer’s freedom of speech being challenged?

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