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Candice Glover fans won’t have to wait very long for new music. The season 12 “American Idol” winner is scheduled to drop her debut album this summer.

According to reports, the 23-year-old’s first project, Music Speaks, will hit stories on July 16, months earlier than past “Idol” winners.

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“I’ve built a fan base being on this show, and my fan base is interested in me now and they won’t see me every Wednesday and Thursday anymore to admire my singing, so I think it’s a good thing it’s coming out this summer,” she said in a recent interview with the Associated Press. “It’s crazy that I’m even talking about an album because last year I was working at a resort.”

As for the album’s sound, Glover said fans can look forward to “R&B, soul and a little bit of jazz.”

“Almost like a Jazmine Sullivan vibe because I love her,” she said. “She’s my favorite singer of all time.”

Third time was a charm for the St. Helena Island, S.C., native. She auctioned for the singing-competition show two seasons prior but was eliminated both times.

“(From) day one I was still in the mind-set of pleasing people. In season 11, I was all about pleasing people. … This year I took more chances because I didn’t care anymore,” she explained. “I didn’t always have that confidence. I was insecure about how I looked and people would tell me all the time, ‘You don’t look the part.’ And this year I kind of stopped caring about that and just did me.”

In conclusion, Glover said she hopes her music will help young girls have the same insecurity issue that she once struggle with.

“I was in school for psychology because I wanted to counsel teenage girls that had those insecurity problems, and I’m glad my music has that connection with people because that’s really what I wanted to do whether I was singing or not,” she said.

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