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The latest episode of “Braxton Family Values” showed just how strong and united the Braxton family is. Trina enlisted her sisters Towanda and Traci to help sing back up for her performance at Toni’s upcoming showcase, Momma Braxton tried to help Tamar get used to the idea of being pregnant and after meeting with the doula, Tamar changed her mind about wanting to have a baby for fear of her “favorite purse” being stretched out and ruined for life! Gotta love Tamar! Find out what happened below:

Tamar Changes Her Mind About Having A Baby

tamarLucky for Tamar, Mommy was in Los Angeles spending time with her during her pregnancy and by spending time I mean cooking, cooking and more cooking. It looked like Tamar was getting used to the idea of being pregnant and coming to terms with the fact that she would soon be someone’s mom. One thing she couldn’t get used to was the fact that her “favorite purse” would be stretched out and ruined, forever!

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After a long day of shopping and eating, the sister’s and Mommy decided to go to a parenting class with Tamar so she could learn a thing or two about being someone’s parent. Tamar didn’t see the purpose, especially since she had 13 nieces and nephews and her mom had 13,000 kids (Tamar’s words, not mine). When the doula began explaining all of the pain that Tamar would have to go through while in labor and how wide her cervix would stretch during childbirth, Tamar was immediately grossed out and turned to her mom and whispered that she changed her mind! Girl, bye!

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