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One of the biggest fights with working out is finding the time and the willpower to get up and actually do it. As a working woman, it has proven difficult for myself, as well as my other girlfriends, to find the optimum schedule and routine to fit in a task that half of us aren’t too happy about doing in the first place. Most of us wake up between 7-8 am (if you are lucky), then there is the getting dressed and primped time, coupled with finding food and the commute.

With all that goes into just making it into the office, most times your mornings are shot with no perceived time to exercise. Let’s not even discuss the internal battle that happens around 3:00 pm when you remember you have dinner plans or tickets to a dope concert and working out after work is just not feasible. But oh, you conspire with yourself and say “I will get started tomorrow…. for real, for real this time.” I too have struggled with this.

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I thought I came up with the perfect work out schedule when I worked for a firm located in the heart of Times Square. I was the only attorney in the New York office (the firm was based in Colorado), so I had a little freedom and flexibility with my schedule. During my lunch break I would walk a couple of blocks up the street to New York Sports Club, work out for about an hour, shower, change and head back to work for part two of my day. After about two weeks of not getting out of the office until 10:00 pm and constantly battling with my hair after the work out, I immediately knew that this mid day work out was not going to work for me.

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