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Intimidated by wearing makeup? Do you think it makes you look older than you are? You’re in luck, I’ve got all the right techniques to achieve a young fresh look at any age!

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Mistake #1: Using Too Much Foundation

There’s nothing worst than seeing a gorgeous woman with tons of makeup on. #TeamTooMuch. Let’s scale that effort back a bit, and try something new. IMAN’s BB Crème will give you just the right amount of coverage without adding unwanted years of life.

Mistake #2: Over-Concealing Your Under-Eye Circles

Everyone doesn’t need a concealer under their eyes. Instead, only use your concealer for dark spots.

Mistake #3: Wearing Deep, Dark Lip Colors

Although I adore the new dark lippy trend, I have to be careful not to look like my mother circa 1976. Add a lighter lip liner to dumb down the dark shade a bit.

Mistake #4: Finishing with Powder

You’ve just covered your face in the perfect brown shade of creme foundation. Now you’d like to set it with powder. Opt for a sheer translucent powder that will add a glow to your look.

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