Tahiry Says She’s Not ‘In Love’ With Joe Budden & Tension With Raqi Is ‘Real’!

When Tahiry and Joe Budden stare at each other (when she isn’t annoyed by his selfish antics) it’s like their love seeps straight through their pores and onto our living room floors. And when a man, with such a womanizing reputation like Joe Budden’s, says you’re the closet thing he’s had to a wife, you know there’s some deep chemistry and history there!

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After watching “Love & Hip Hop,” it’s clear, at least to us, that the two, even through the most severe storm, always come back to each other. And sorry Raqi we don’t think it’s the booty shorts (even though those do help).

Last night at the New York premiere of “Real Husbands of Hollywood,” I caught up with Tahiry, who graced the red carpet for photos then quickly dashed off to allow for the BET cast to be marveled, to ask her what we’ve all been dying to know…

Read what she had to say, below:

HelloBeautiful: So we have to ask you Tahiry, are you still in love with Joe?

Tahiry: No. [Laughs]

HB: When we look at ya’ll on the show, we’re all like ‘they have to still have something.’

Tahiry: Everyone seems to think so, maybe I’m not seeing something that people are seeing. I’m Good

HB: How was it watching the show for the first time?

Tahiry: It was pretty nerve-wrecking.

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