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Both Deelishis and comedian, Michael Blackson are giving totally different explanations of the recent drama that allegedly took place in her home that caused the video vixen to jump out of a window. Deelishis took the straight and narrow approach while the African comedian made a joke out of it.

Deelishis posted this on her Instagram with the caption:

“I don’t owe anybody s**t, especially not any explanations but this radio station just burned my biscuits!.”

“I had a little accident you f**ker. It happens. I’m good. I’m not superwoman leaping from tall buildings and for the life of me, I am NOTTTTTTTTTT screwing dating sucking f**king licking tricking or anything close to that with Michael Blackson [screaming to the top of my lungs] can a b**ch live?”

And Blackson being Blackson provided us with comedy:

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