I have roughly three phone conferences and approximately two in-person meetings a day. I also have a check-in with our two graphic designers who I work closely with to ensure we have the most professional and creative gallery cards possible.

On any given day, I could have an off-site meeting where I am visiting an artist’s studio or meeting in a coffee shop with an artist about an upcoming program/exhibition. It could also involve working with my sister Melonie on a program for both AAACC and Infin8 Sync or where Infin8 Sync is providing a service to AAACC under the management of Melonie Green.

In addition to all of the meetings, emails, events, opening receptions, I am also responsible for assessing the success or needs of improvements for the Visual Arts Department by providing quarterly reports and board reports.

My day ends with a walk-through of the galleries and final check in with the staff. After leaving work, I go to the gallery or home to check in with Melonie about what programs or events Infin8 Sync has in store and do what I can to fall right in under her leadership.

I love what I do because everyday is different from the day before and I am surrounded by artists and art supporters who know what it takes to inspire and empower artists. I have learned there is an order to everything and it is so important to be business savvy in addition to being creative.

Melonie Green:

Things always change according to the projects we are working on. First thing in the morning (usually around 7:30am), I check the emails/text messages and make sure as many responses and loose ends are covered. The most pressing events and collaborations receive priority phone calls and responses. There are usually several meetings throughout the day. I check in on the gallery and do my best to physically be there (even for just a few short hours) a couple times a week.

My biggest goal of the day is dedicated hours to solid work on the computer with little to no distraction. This is… a goal. We work for and with the art and public service communities, so it’s very hands on and often makes day-to-day activities unpredictable. The main goals for us are to stay engaged and make sure we provide the best support and partnership for all of the events we host and collaborate on.

HB: What prompted your interest in the arts, and specifically revitalizing the Western Addition/Fillmore arts district in San Francisco ?

Melorra: Melonie and I have always been interested in the arts for as far back as I can remember. From taking art classes to being in the marching band, we have found ways to surround ourselves with the arts. Upon moving to San Francisco and graduating from the Academy of Art University, we knew we needed to find a community of artists and art resources that could encourage us and allow us to grow. We found the San Francisco Black Film Festival (SFBFF) where we were able to work our way up from volunteers and stuffing bags, to serving as ticket sales managers, to Co-Executive Producers. The founder Ave Montague was very encouraging in that way.

We also learned from the SFBFF that there was a need or a problem in communication between pic and sound artists. So we created events that would bring these two together in an ego-free environment. This marriage of pic and sound artists and our need to help fill that gap is where the name of our company, Infin8 Sync, came from. In the film industry, ‘sync’ is the perfect marriage of pic and sound. We have tried to maintain that marriage since and it has been quite a journey.

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