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Why don’t celebrities understand that they are NOT exempt from paying their taxes? There may be a lot of things celebs get away with – traffic tickets, drug charges, and the like – but when it comes to money, the IRS doesn’t play games.

Robin Givens is being sued for – wait for it! – a whopping $292,000 in unpaid federal taxes that reportedly go back as far as 13 years! According to,

In a lawsuit filed earlier this month, the feds asked the federal court in Tampa, Fla. to enter a formal judgment against Givens on 39 separate assessments covering eight of the 12 calendar years through 2007. Such a court finding would make it easier for the Internal Revenue Service to try to collect the allegedly unpaid amounts through garnishing her earnings or levying her assets, such as bank accounts.

The government’s petition states that Givens resides in Bradenton, near Tampa. News media reports say at least one of her two children has attended a school there, while other accounts say she shuttles between New York City and Florida.

Sucks to be her!

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