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UPDATE: It’s a WRAP for “All My Babies Mamas” Oxygen released a statement to The Grio, informing them that the show will not go on as planned:

“As part of our development process, we have reviewed casting and decided not to move forward with the special. We will continue to develop compelling content that resonates with our young female viewers and drives the cultural conversation.”

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UPDATE:  A representative for Oxygen told, exclusively that despite the rumors “All My Babies Mamas” will not be getting the axe, the show is still in development:

“This rumor is simply untrue.” The project remains in early development.”

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The online petition to keep Shawty Lo’s reality show “All My Babies’ Mamas” off the air, apparently did the trick, because Oxygen is reportedly cancelling the show.

According to the Daily Beast, nearly 40,000 people signed a petition demanding that the show not air. Anyday now, Oxygen will announcing that All My Babies’ Mamas won’t ever see the light of day.”

The reality show that was slated to air next spring, “chronicles the complicated lives of one man, his children’s mamas (10), and their army of children(11), capturing the highs and lows of this extreme ‘blended family’ as they navigate their financially and emotionally connected lives.”

And now comes word that Shawty Lo is expecting his 12th child and his 11th baby mama. Atlanta rapper Jai Jai is allegedly pregnant with Shawty Lo’s 12th child.

I’m sure there’s a network (VH1 perhaps) that will jump on this show!