On paper, Mellody Hobson is nothing less than impressive. Her extensive resume boasts her meteoric climb from intern to president of Ariel Investments, LLC. Mellody is clearly a boss as she’s the head beauty in charge of managing the firm and strategic planning and she oversees all operations outside of research and portfolio management.

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Mellody also serves as Chairman of the Board of Trustees for the mutual funds. No matter how busy she gets running things, Mellody always makes time to share her money knowledge with the world through various financial advice columns.

She is a regularly featured columnist for Black Enterprise magazine and frequently quoted in various publications including, Money, Fortune, Fast Company and PINK magazine. And that’s not all. The beautiful and brilliant sister is also the money-savvy expert on “Good Morning America.”

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I’ll be honest, I only knew Mellody via her mega movie mogul fiancee George Lucas. After some serious looks of disdain from my Editorial Director, I decided it was time to learn about the impressive woman behind the 1000-watt smile and flawless red carpet dresses.

  1. She is the financial advisor at the Tom Joyner Morning Show with a Money Matters segment.
  2. She’s the been the Director of various big name brands like Starbucks, DreamWorks, Estee Lauder and Groupon.
  3. She’s a fitness buff. Mellody loves running and as a Chicago native, her favorite place to run is Chicago’s breathtaking waterfront.
  4. With her exponential success, you’d think Hobson held three undergrad degrees, four Masters and at least two doctorate degrees, but she is armed with one Bachelor of Arts degree from Princeton’s Woodrow Wilson School of International Relations and Public Policy.
  5. She is all about investor education, acting as the spokesperson for the Ariel/Hewitt Study: 401(k) Plans in Living Color and the Ariel Black Investor Survey, both of which examine investing patterns among minorities.
  6. Even though she’s swimming in it, money is not a big deal for Mellody. “I definitely describe myself as a capitalist; in fact, I consider capitalism as a calling for me. But when I think about the perfect day, it has nothing to do with money. It is about enjoying each moment and the people who are in it. I want to live the depth of my life, not just its length. I am frequently asked about my views on money and I always say money matters, because it empowers people to focus on other things and hopefully lead more fulfilling lives.”
  7. Mellody loves music and her favorite band is U2.

Now I feel better. There’s always more to a woman than who she’s with. What an impressive woman! Now, go forth and tell her story!

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