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This year, Chad Ochocinco lost everything: his career, wife, endorsements, VH1 show and any female fans he may have had. All pecks aside, his entire existence is dangling by a string called hope. All dressed up with nowhere to go, Chad sat down on ESPN’s “First Take” to fess up to the domestic violence incident that ended his marriage and job, saying: “There was a domestic dispute, for one, which was all my fault, because I’m living life the way it shouldn’t be lived. That’s why I lost everything I did. That man upstairs is [saying], ‘Let me bring you back a little bit, because your living a little too wild.’ So, it is what it is. I made the bed, I’m laying in it and I paid the price for what I did wrong.”

The discussion continued when Ochocinco revealed that this isn’t the first time he has acted in this manner, “Yes. I’ve gotten in trouble in the past. I mean, a long — I’m not sure what year this was. ’97? I was in Santa Monica as a matter of fact.”

When asked if he takes full responsibility for the domestic violence debacle, he answered “Why wouldn’t I sit here and tell you I’m wrong if I’m wrong? I’m behind those closed doors. Everyone has their perception of what they feel that happened. You say what you want to say based off what you see and might hear. If I’m the one telling you that I’m in the wrong and been in the wrong since day one, you wouldn’t listen to me and go along with that? I’m gonna sit here and be like, ‘Yeah, it’s her fault.’ I messed up. Period.”

It seems like Chad learned from his mistakes, that or he has one h*ll of a media coach!

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